Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Blueberry blip

I don’t have a BlackBerry. I can glean from heartbroken users on the news and the sad looking teenager at the bus stop that the phone has a glitch. Judging by the news coverage this is second only to an apocalypse.

I thought we’d all gone off BlackBerrys? The last time I looked they were responsible for the riots and were having a similar brand crisis to Burberry in the 90’s, when Wolverhampton market started flogging baseball caps in their iconic plaid print.

But turns out man cannot live offline alone. I don’t even know what BBM is, but I seem to be mourning its passing.

Blackberry users -  you should be rejoicing, not demanding compensation. Your boss can no longer contact you on your lunch/ loo/ fag break. You can once again communicate in more than 140 characters. You might actually have to speak to your friends.

Actually, I can’t believe I’m giving this the time of day.  

I’m going the same place as BlackBerry.



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