Saturday, 28 January 2012

Early nights and veg

Can I ask you a quick question?
Am I boring? 

Just tell me if I am. I can take it, honestly.

Yesterday The Boyfriend said the following:

“Life with you is all early nights and (long pause) veg.”

Early nights and veg?

I’m 28. This does not sound good.

I mean it’s probably true that since our shacking up The Boyfriend’s vegetable intake has increased. We do eat a lot of broccoli.

And yes, ok, I like eight hours uninterrupted sleep. As I have a job to get up and go to, this usually involves going to bed somewhere around 11pm.

But does this make me boring? Isn’t this what everyone does?

Am I eating my five a day and getting enough sleep whilst everyone else’s week is packed full of nights on the town and riotous merriment? I went out two nights in a row last weekend, and it’s taken five days of quiet time to recover and restore my equilibrium.

Nowadays I’m more likely to be worrying about how I will dry the towels, (an ongoing saga) the cost of electricity, or when the optimum time is to exchange my tesco vouchers.

But it’s ok.

By getting enough sleep I am keeping myself well in body and mind. If you never eat any vegetables you will encourage particularly horrible cancers to take up residence in your body and you might die. I am avoiding this by eating my daily broccoli and, in turn, am prolonging The Boyfriend’s life. He should be grateful.

Anyway, the good news is we’ve found a solution to the towels.

We kiss over our new drying rack.  Fade-out. End.


  1. You can't go wrong with broccoli IMHO and as for those early nights, one day he will dream of them. Oh yes. Once some sticky fingered child has taken up nightly residence right where he wants to sleep, he will dream of eight hours sleep. Or he would if he got to dream, which he won't because he won't get to sleep. Enjoy it whilst you can!

  2. I will be passing on your feedback Charity Girl, although if he's scared by broccoli, I do worry how he might react to the addition of children..

  3. There's no easy way to say this. Im all for healthy eating, clean towels and broccoli, but I unwittingly skim read the above. Sorry.