Friday, 6 January 2012

It's not that special

So here we are, on day six of a brand new year. I’m sure there are plenty of people still playing with their shiny new, resolutions. Fag packets have been crumpled. Slim Fast purchased. Bathroom scales polished.

But I can’t face New Year’s resolutions. They’re too disappointing. If I’ve been rubbish at something for 28 years, I’m pretty confident that this isn’t the year I’m going to miraculously change. Surely we should all be resolving to stop beating ourselves up.

I ask you; who can even contemplate the Special K diet in bleakest darkest January? You all need help.

Last year for example, I resolved to sort out my finances. And oh, just imagine my hollow laugh. I’m not very good at saving money. But of course I already knew that – who was I kidding?

So I’m looking forward to a resolution free 2012; yes, 2012 has got a nice ring to it.

Actually maybe for 2012 it might be nice to have a little in the pot. Yes, maybe I should take a stab at saving again.

In fact, perhaps the first thing I should do is cancel the gym membership. They extort a ridiculous sum of money from my bank each month that could easily be the foundations of a nest-egg.

But without the gym how on earth will I atone for all the Christmas food I’ve eaten and booze I’ve drunk?

Turns out, I'm going to  have to start the Special K diet.


  1. If you can't be bothered with diets or gym - just get some brilliant tummy tuck pants!

  2. I actually contemplated buying special K today in Tesco. For the FIRST time in my life. I eyeballed it for a good 30 seconds, but it looked like chewing cardboard vomit, so I didn't. Though I do like wearing red, so would be a top class Special K lady. I'm back on the WW instead. How many points? HOW MANY? Love it.

    I have broken 3 New Year's Resolutions already, though actually, they were more like goals. My overall NY Resolution, I have kept. So that's good.

  3. Well done for resisting, although you are quite right that you could indeed BE the special K woman. New career?

    I look forward to hearing which one's have already gone down the pan. Hopefully the third is that you're off drink - which we can put to bed with a SLIMLINE g&t