Friday, 17 February 2012

A Blue Confession

I’ve had a bit of a flashback. It’s not big, it’s not cool, but it probably is clever.

I've remembered I own a Blue Peter Badge. It’s a green one. I was awarded it, aged 10, after implementing a recycling programme at my Brownie Pack. And then of course writing to Blue Peter, with an accompanying illustration, to tell them of my efforts. 

God, what a pretentious-mini-eco-warrior. 

Although having a Blue Peter badge granted you access into all of the coolest attractions - science museums, galleries and the like - it also turned out that it didn't make you particularly popular. Seems no-body likes a swot.

And I fear a swot I was. I was good at maths, (ability long since lost) spoke properly (parents beat me for any hint of  Wolvo slang) and completed my own extra curricular homework projects. (It’s not my fault I owned a science kit.)

My advice to my 10 year old Blue Peter Badge owning self would have been: do what you’re best at, do more of it, and never worry about being behaving like a swot, because later in life you’ll realise everyone successful is slogging away behind the scenes whilst loudly pretending not to.

Besides, with a couple of exceptions, there is no such thing as adult swot. 

I would have additionally offered my 10 year old self the following advice:  do not have a fringe before you know how to blow dry, never ever shave your lovely dark eyebrows, and dressing like a Goth probably isn’t the answer.

But that’s a story for a different day.

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