Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tune in tonight 8.30pm

Money saving madam will be tuning into SuperScrimpers tonight, 8.30pm, Channel 4, and taking notes.

Although she is not entirely sure she wants to know how to make her pants last longer.


  1. Watched this and first things seriously need to up your game! Homemade Gallons of wine?! That woman puts you to shame!

    I did like her rules to live by such as the reduced goods only in the house and make everything yourself. However, a couple of gripes! It must be absolutely mentally and physically exhausting! To make everything yourself, where would you get the time from? Then to constantly be looking out for the bargains and reduced items would just be too much overkill on actually getting a bargain.

    If you live in such a way constantly scrimping and saving then there's no joy in actually making a saving! You've got to draw the line somewhere and spend a little otherwise you'll just be a tramp!

    You shouldn't condone this kind of behaviour as a money saving madam but please do make an exception for the gallon of wine and then share the wealth so to speak!

    P.S. They should have gone into the banks of the people who dropped their statements on the floor, found out who they were from their account number and fined them £50 for littering. Regardless of whether they had £1.99 or -£5.000.

  2. I am writing a response right now.