Thursday, 2 June 2011

A little joy goes a long way

This afternoon summer arrived in Edinburgh. At 5pm I was promptly out the office door and off to the pub. I sat in the afternoon sunshine, having a beer with friends and it was a Thursday afternoon treat.

Perhaps this delight is heightened by living in Scotland. For those who do not live in Scotland I should explain. In Scotland sunshine is a rare and wonderful thing. Scotland is good in theory. People often describe it as ‘bracing,’ which I’ve come to realise just means freezing. A friend of mine recently described Scotland as a cold purgatory.


Well this afternoon, the sun was out in force. Out came my freckles, and goddamn, I even went a little red.

As I walked home, a little tiddly after a few beers, I realised that I really was incredibly happy.

And so, today, rather than having a wee rant, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things – even though I could tell you the horror that is the fact that yesterday Gail Platt (of Coronation Street fame) was wearing my new White Stuff shirt. Gail blooming Platt.

Anyway, as I was saying.

Things that make me happy

The sun on my face
Bacon sandwiches
Playing on the swings
Fresh bedding
A lie in
Laughing until you can’t remember what was even funny
Christmas carols
My mum’s roast beef dinner
Earl grey tea from a pot
Dinner with friends
A power shower
A cold beer on a warm day
An afternoon snooze
Homemade apple pie                                                       
Breakfast in bed
The sea
Getting drenched in the rain
Cracker jokes
Old books


  1. And most of them are free, or very low cost anyway

  2. Clearly I'm a girl of simple pleasures Mark!