Friday, 20 May 2011

How to shop for free

Sometimes, when a girl needs new clothes, she has to get creative.

And so the idea for the Swish was born.

The Dictionary definition of swish is ‘to rustle, as silk.’ But for this purpose the definition is slightly more loosely applied, coming to mean ‘to rustle clothes from friends.’

If you love new clothes, but not the unfortunate side effects on the Visa, perhaps you might try a Swish too? Swishing, readers, is shopping without the guilty spend hangover.

And so, on a sunny Saturday in Edinburgh, I entered into the new-fangled world of swishing. The rails were erected, bucks fizz was poured, cakes were enjoyed, and a group of women came together in the hope of finding something new to wear.  

Running a Swishing party is simple, if you just follow the Rules of the Rail.

1) Everyone must bring at least one item of quality clothing.
2) You will have half an hour to browse before the swish opens.
3) No item may be claimed before the swish opens.
4) As soon as the swish is declared open, everyone may take what they want.
5) Remember no scratching, spitting or fighting.

I am glad to report there was only minimal scrathing and spitting. In fact, what a civilised affair it was.

People came armed with bags of clothes - once loved, something to ‘slim into’, clearly the wrong colour for them, pre-childbirth, a guilty buy with the tags still on, a sale bargain… the list goes on.

I am sure if you ask your friends they’ll have these wardrobe critters taking up their rail space, racking them with guilt, a reminder of money wasted, begging to be given a new and loving home.

Save the landfill. Save your credit card. Swish instead.

I’m already planning the autumn/winter collection.

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  1. My cycle club does much the same with bike parts and spares - twice a year there's a get together in the clubroom when everyone brings bits and pieces to swap or give away. Amazing how much stuff we all have - from clothing to odd tyres, to brake shoes, even bikes that the kids have grown out of. I suppose it is RE-CYCLING in its literal sense.