Thursday, 7 April 2011

Superscrimpers: Wasting and wanting not

So, second instalment of Channel 4’s new series was on last night. Jumping on the Money Saving Madam bandwagon if you ask me, but maybe I’m biased.

If you missed it, watch it at 4 online here

In summary: Mrs Moneypenny is still wearing the orange hat and this week she showed the world her lovely beige bra too. She also met another family who were literally throwing money down the drain. Who spends 10k annually on food? That’s some nectar points right there.

This week, I thought I would divide my comment into 2 sections.

1. The ridiculous and 2. The less ridiculous.  That way, if you are pressed for time, you can decide which you’d rather go for.

Ridiculous advice from Superscrimpers Part 2

  1. Dog wool yarn can be just as effective as sheep wool. Turn your cute puppy into socks and mittens. Watch out pooches, times be tough.
  1. If your trainers have died a death, smell of a teenager’s bedroom and deserve only to end up in landfill, pour in cat-litter to revive them.
  1. Naming your children ‘Costcentre 1’ and ‘Costcentre 2’will encourage you to see them as the wasteful, expensive resources they really are.
  1. Pouring porridge oats into your mince will make the meat go twice as far. (and taste half as nice) Lasagne anyone?

Less ridiculous advice from Superscrimpers Part 2

  1. Wrapping paper can be reused. This is not ‘cheap,’ it is economical recycling. Sheets of nice wrapping paper can cost as much as £2-£3. When given a gift, delicately unwrap it. This will have the additional bonus of giving the illusion to the present giver that you are taking pleasure and time in unwrapping their generous and well considered gift. By then ironing the piece of paper, you will find that any remaining sellotape will peel clean off, and you have a fresh sheet – good as new.
  1. We should all try to spend no money at all for one week. (excluding the necessary of evils of rent/ electricity etc.) I will be doing this and blogging about the results very soon – but not this week you understand, I’ve got a wedding to go to.
  2. Credit cards are pretty evil. A balance of £400, at an ‘average’ interest rate, will take you 50 years to repay and cost you £3800 if you only make the minimum payments. If you have credit card debt –stop spending immediately, transfer your debts to a 0% credit card deal, (for current 0% balance transfer deals and good advice on this topic, visit Martin Lewis’ website here) and invest any spare cash in paying off this dreadful debt.
  3. Candles apparently burn for much longer if you have frozen the wax, so chuck your candles in the freezer and get twice the light/ fragrance/ ambience. Just the excuse I need to ‘invest’ in Jo Malone.
Did you see the show? Pick up any gems that I have missed. Let me know.

Oh, and if you ever find yourself darning your husband’s socks because he has put his long toe-nail through the end – throw the needle and thread away and buy him some nail scissors.  

It put me right off my dinner.


  1. cat litter in shoes doesnt really work, but washing them in a warm cycle in household disinfectant does, as it kills bacteria.

  2. 1. Do you think she uses the cat litter again, but this time in the cat tray?
    2. That homemade soap from recycled scabby old bits of soap was positively vile. I also suspect that the 'Lady' scrimper feels the same about all soap. I do believe that it's a sheep dip that one needs.
    3. There is a reason people take things to the skip and leave them there - it's because they are old / broken / ugly etc. Leave them there - do not take other peoples old tat home with you. If it was nice / useful / worth having they would have kept it or donated it to the local charity shop.
    4. Miss Moneypenny, in my opinion, is a pain in the bum.

    Thanks for the link Rachel, K xxx

  3. 1.I would not put anything past her.
    2. The soap with olive oil was on a horror par with the toe nail through the sock.
    3. The rusty tray was not worth £2, no. It was officially, rubbish.
    4. She is smug and does not have the skin-tone for orange.

    Pleasure on the link. Merci for the comments.

  4. I watched the show and thought it was ridiculous. I thought the guy who was struggling to get by on three grand a month , instead of his usual five, was bit sick making.

    Saving tip - turn off crap TV and do something more lucrative instead.

  5. Great programme and tips. Those that don't like the programme have obviously never known what is like to have to scrimp and save. It would do them good to have a taste of it, especially after how it was after the war, when I was growing up. They have never had it so good today!

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