Thursday, 13 January 2011

I don't.

Weddings are big business. We’ve all heard that the word ‘wedding’ in front of photographer or caterer will automatically double the price. But who gives a thought to the innocent bystanders in this whirl of romance, tiered cakes and shelling out?

What about the guests?

Perhaps my engaged friends should look away now.

Nothing can put pay to a savings plan like a spurt of weddings. And I should know.

In what is becoming known as ‘Wedding Gate’, I am 13 days into not spending and am haemorrhaging money left right and centre. It is certainly unlucky for some.

You may be shocked to discover that some unemployed PhD student somewhere has done research into this very issue. And how enlightening it is. It turns out that some 6% of us have gone into debt in order to attend a wedding.

This might seem ridiculous, but even when the celebrations are held locally, the price of attendance can be high, at an average of £386. Stag and hen parties account for the largest chunk of this sum, at £130, with a wedding gift costing £70, clothes £64, travel £49, accommodation £48 and drinks £26.

Personally I feel these numbers are generously low. £26 on drinks? At a wedding bar? Clearly they’re on the lemonade.

I am glad to report that none of my ‘Bride’s to be’ have adopted the trend for overseas ceremonies or hen parties. It really would ruin the occasion to be standing on a tropical beach simmering with resentment.

Weddings are a time to celebrate. I am desperately excited to see some of my oldest and dearest friends get hitched. But if anyone else is considering setting a date, if you could wait until 2012 my bank manager would be delighted.

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  1. Count yourself lucky that you are not my friend lovely Pippa, who has been invited to 9 hen-dos this year, with an estimated cost fo 1800GBP in total, before you even take account of (i) wedding cost and (ii) that there will be no time to actually go on holiday this year (in case there was any cash left...) as every weekend is henning/weddinging.

    Will keep the comments in mind as we carry on our preparations for feb... :)