Monday, 19 September 2011

A revolution: One chord at a time

I have a red ukulele. My new ukulele and I are getting on swimmingly. The boyfriend claims that the sound of me tuning it is driving him demented. I reckon he doesn’t know talent when he hears it.

Frankly, it’s a four-stringed marvel.

And there is even a Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Who knew? Perhaps I could turn my hand to busking?

I can almost play 3 songs.

I wanna be like you (the Jungle book)
       Hey Ya (Outkast)
       Back for Good (Take That)

Back for Good on the uke is perhaps not exactly how Gary intended it to sound, but I’m giving it my best.  Maybe I’m not quite ready for busking.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s first album was called ‘Anarchy in the Ukulele.’ Is the ukulele really anarchistic?

The Punk movement, which was all about the anarchy, was about putting creativity back in the hands of the people. They said that anyone could make music, and to prove it claimed that any song could be written with just handful of chords. (E, A and B7 in case you wondered.) They printed  diagrams of finger positions on a guitar for these chords with the caption ‘Here’s three chords. Now form a band.’

Well you only need three chords to play most uke songs. And will a guitar fit in my handbag? No it will not. But my little uke...

Well look at that, I think I’m part of a revolution.

“Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it....”

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